with Bang On A Can All Stars

Autodreamographical Tales - Terry Riley
Cantaloupe Music (CA 21167)
music of Terry Riley

Memory Games
- Meredith Monk
Cantaloupe Music (CA 21153)
music of Meredith Monk

The Passion -
Jeffery Brooks
Cantaloupe Music (CA21146)
Three works by Jeffery Brooks - 1) After The Treewatcher, 2) Capriccio on the Departure of a Beloved Brother, 3) The Passion

more field recordings
Cantaloupe Music (CA21136)
Double CD with music by Shaw, Smith, Clayton, Matthusen, Kotche, Shouwang, Muhly, Frost, Parry, Thorvaldsdottir, Deacon, Waller, and Lussier.

Cloud River Mountain
Cantaloupe Music (CA21133) (2017)
Chinese superstar singer, Gong Linna joins the All Stars in music by Lao Luo, David Lang, Michael Gordon, and Julia Wolfe.

Anthracite Fields – Julia Wolfe
Cantaloupe Music (CA21111)  (2015) Premiere recording of this Pulitzer Prize winning work by Julia Wolfe.

Field Recordings
Cantaloupe Music (CA21108) (2015)
CD and DVD that contains music by Wolfe, Ghys, Gordon, Marclay, Lang, Braxton, Jóhannsson, Reynolds, Reich, Dessner, Calix,  Clyne, and Zummato.

Steel Hammer – Julia Wolfe
Cantaloupe Music (CA21099) (2014)
The Bang On A Can All Stars team up with Trio Medieval for a premiere recording of Julia Wolfe’s Steel Hammer.

Music from the Film - David Lang
Cantaloupe Music (CA 21050)
music of David Lang

Big Beautiful Dark and Scary
Cantaloupe Music (CA21074) (2011)
Double CD containing music by Julia Wolfe, David Lang, Michael Gordon, Evan Ziporyn, David Longstreth, Colin Nancarrow, Louis Andriessen, and Kate Moore.

Double Sextet / 2 x 5 – Steve Reich
Nonesuch Records, Inc. (524853-2 ) (2010)
2 pieces by Steve Reich – Double Sextetand2 x 5.

Music for Airports (live)
Cantaloupe Records (CA21045) (2007)
Live recording of Brian Eno’s seminal Music for Airports.

A Ballad for Many
Cantaloupe Music (CA21036) (2006)
Music of Don Byron.

The Essential Martin Bresnick
Cantaloupe Music (CA21041) (2006)
All Star performances of The Bucket Rider and BE JUST!.

Elida – Iva Bittová
Cantaloupe Music (CA21027) (2005)
The Bang On A Can All Stars are joined by singer, violinist, composer, Ive Bittová in 9 of her compositions.

Music in 5ths – Philip Glass
Cantaloupe Music (CA21016) (2004)
Contains Music in 5ths and Two Pages.

Bang on a Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing
Cantaloupe Music (CA21023) (2004)
All Stars collaboration with Burmese drummer, Kyaw Kyaw Naing.

ShadowBang – Evan Ziporyn
Cantaloupe Music (CA21015) (2003)
The All Stars team up with Wayan Wija and a gamelan orchestra for a performance of ShadowBang.

Bang On A Can Classics
Cantaloupe Music (CA21010) (2002)
Music by Lang, Wolfe, Gosfield, Ziporyn, Vierk, Didkovsky, and Gordon.

Gigantic Dancing Human Machine
Cantaloupe Music (CA21012) (2002)
Music of Louis Andriessen.

In C – Terry Riley
Cantaloupe Music (CA21004) (2001) Live recording of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’

Renegade Heaven
Cantaloupe Music (CA21001) (2000) Music by Wolfe, Dreyblatt, Gordon, Branca, and Kline.

Music for Airports – Brian Eno
Point Music (314 536 847-2) (1998)
The All Stars perform an arrangement of Eno’s seminal work, Music for Airports.

Cheating, Lying Stealing
Sony Classical (SK 62254) (1996)
Contains music by Lang, Gosfield, Ziporyn, Vierk, Rzewski, Didkovsky, and Pascoal.

Sony Classical (SK 66483) (1995)
The Bang On A Can All Star’s first recording.  Contains music by Wolfe, Andriessen, Lang, and Gordon. Lizard Belly Moon, by Robert Black, Mark Stewart, Bill Anderson, and John Tamburello.