Chamber Music

Northern Lights – Bright Sheng
Naxos (8.579014) (2017)
Performance of Sweet May Again for double bass and piano. Remainder of the disc contains 4 more pieces by Bright Sheng.

Playing Together – Contemporary Music from Central Asia
CEC Artslink (2016)
Collaborative full length CD with 26 musicians from throughout Central Asia.  

James Bolle – Late Works
Albany Records (TROY 1376) (2012)
Performance of Two Sea Monsters by Christopher Gross-cello and Robert Black-bass. The remainder of the disc contains 3 more pieces by James Bolle.

Arjuna’s Journey – Douglas J Cuomo
Innova (697) (2008)
Ensemble recording of Arjuna’s Journey.

The Adding Machine – Arnold Dreyblatt
Cantaloupe Music (CA21006) (2001)
Various ensemble pieces by Arnold Dreyblatt.

Gamelan Galak Tika – Evan Ziporyn
New World Records (80565-2) (2000)
Performance of Amok! for double bass, electronics and gamelan orchestra.  Ziporyn’s Tire Fire is also on the disc.

Men in the Cities – Amy Knoles
Echograph (9801-2) (1999)
Performance of Men in the Cities by Basso Bongo (Amy Knoles and Robert Black). Remainder of the disc contains music by Amy Knoles.

Music from the Moab Music Festival
Moab Music Festival (CD-1) (1999)
Chamber music by Mahler, Poulenc, Delange, and Copland.

Common Sense – Composers Collective
Composers Recordings, Inc. (CD V731) (1997)
Ensemble pieces by Becker, Harsh, Yarnell, Halle, Mellits, Hui, Reynolds, and Woolf.

Ryoanji – John Cage
Hat Hut Records, Ltd. (CD 6183) (1996)
Performance of Cage’s Ryoanji.  Other performers include Eberhard Blum, Ivan Hausmann, Gudrun Reschke, John Patrick Thomas, and Jan Williams.

Earth and the Great Weather – John Luther Adams
New World Records (80459-2) (1994)
Premiere recording of the 75-minute work, Earth and the Great Weather.

Bang on a Can ‘Live’ Volume 3
Composers Recordings, Inc.  (CD 672) (1994)
Performance of Mary Wright’s Lizard Belly Moon, by Robert Black, Mark Stewart, Bill Anderson, and John Tamburello.