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Dorothy Hindman - Tightly Wound
innova #965
2 CD set of Music by Dorothy Hindman.  Performance of Time Management for solo double bass. 

Bright Sheng - Northern Lights
Naxos #8.579014
Performance of Sweet may Again for double bass and piano, with David Friend - piano.

Julia Wolfe - Full Dark Ride
Cantaloupe Recordings CA21058
Includes Robert Black performing all 8 parts to Julia Wolfe's bass octet, Stronghold.

Mark Steven Brooks - Dam(n)age
Eleterium Records EL-8
performance of From A Distant Shore.

Twin Souls - Music of Barry Truax
Cambridge Street Records  - #CRS-CD-0102
solo performance of Androgyne, mon Amour.  The remainder of the disc contains other performances of music by Barry Truax.

Toys in the Attic
Centaur Recordings - CRC 2605
solo performance of TNT by James Mobberly.  Remainder of disc contains music by various composers.

innova # 596
Solo Performance of Robert Carl's Roundabout.  Remainder of disc contains music by Robert Carl.

Presence III
Canadian Electroacoustic Community #PeP 005
Solo performance of Rizhard Zvonar's Massiff. Remainder of disc is a compliation of electroacoustical works by various composers and performers.

A Chance Operation / The John Cage Tribute
Koch International #3-7238-2 Y6x2
Solo performance of Larry Austin’s ‘...art is self-alteration is Cage is...’. Remainder of disc contains various composers and/or performers such as Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, Frank Zappa, Robert Ashley, Christian Wolff, Oregon, and more.

Neuma New Music Series Volume 1
Neuma Records #450-71
Solo performance of Iannis Xenakis’ Theraps. Remainder of disc contains music by Cort Lippe, Shirish Korde, Drake Mabry, Jean-Claude Risset, Anna Rubin, and Giacinto Scelsi with various performers.

Men In The Cities / Amy Knoles
Echograph #9801-2
This is a solo percussion disc by percussionist/composer Amy Knoles. Features a guest appearance by Robert Black on the title cut Men in the Cities.

Larry Polansky / Simple Harmonic Motion.
Artifact Recordings #ART 1011
Solo performance of Larry Polansky’s Movement for Lou Harrison. Remainder of disc contains music of Larry Polansky with various performers.

Bang On a Can Live / Volume 1
Composers Recording, Inc. (CRI) #CD 628
Solo performance of Tom Johnson’s Failing, A Very Difficult Piece for Solo String Bass. Remainder of disc contains music by Allison Cameron, William Doerrfeld, Michael Gordon, Scott Lindroth, Julia Wolfe, and Evan Ziporyn with various performers.

Hanna Darboven opus 17A
DIA #001
A performance of Hanna Darboven’s monumental 75 minute minimalist manifesto for solo doublebass.

Orlando Garcia / Celestial Voices
O.O. Discs #42
Solo performance of Orlando Garcia's #2 from Three Pieces (double bass with tape). The remainder of the discs contains additional Garcia double bass music by various performers.

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