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Cantaloupe CA 21134
CD / DVD / Art Booklet
A series of solo improvisations with nature in the rugged canyons of southeastern Utah.

Modern American Bass
New World Records (80722-2)
A 2 disc anthology of mid-20th century American Bass music.  
Disc 1 (accompanied) features music by Joseph Iodone, Halsey Stevens, Quincy Porter, Jermoe Moross, Otto Luening, and Johanna Beyer.  
Disc 2 (unaccompanied) features music by Barney Childs, George Perle, William Sydeman, John Cage, James Tenney, and Jacob Druckman.

Giacinto Scelsi - The Works for Double Bass
Mode Records #188
Includes Nuits, Et maintenant c'set a vous de jouer..., Ko-Tha, Dharana, Maknongon, Kshara, Okanagon and Mantram.

Look She Said / Christian Wolff
(complete works for double bass)
Mode Records #109
Featuring Look She Said and String Bass Exercise out of 'Bandiera Rossa', for solo bass; Jasper, for bass and violin; Dark as a Dungeon, for bass and trombone; and Untitled for bass guitar. Assisted by Robin Lorentz, violin and Julie Josephson, trombone

State of the Bass
O.O. Discs #14
Solo disc featuring compositions for double bass, bass guitar and electronics. Composers include John Cage, Paul Dresher, Orlando Garcia, Amy Knoles, James Sellars, and Richard Zvonar.

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