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James Bolle - Late Works
Performance of Two Sea Monsters (vc, db) with cellist Christopher Gross.  Remainder of the disc contains chamber music by James Bolle.

Douglas J. Cuomo - Arjuna's Dilemma
Innova #697

The Adding Machine / Arnold Dreyblatt
Cantaloupe Music #CA 21006
Music by Arnold Dreyblatt performed by the Orchestra of Excited Strings.

Gamelan Galak Tika / Evan Ziporyn
New World Records #80565-2
Music by Evan Ziporyn for gamelan ensemble and Western instruments. Features Amok and Tire Fire.

Earth and the Great Weather
New World Records #80459-2
Ensemble performance of John Luther Adams’ Earth and the Great Weather.

Bang On A Can Live / Volume 3
Composers Recording, Inc. (CRI) #CD 672
Ensemble performance of Mary Wright’s Lizard Belly Moon (electric bass guitar). Remainder of disc contains music by Linda Bouchard, Nick Didkovsky, Orlando Garcia, Bunita Marcus, and Paul Reller with various performers.

John Cage / Ryoanji
hat ART CD #6183
60 minute live ensemble performance of John Cage’s Ryoanji.

Music of James Bolle
Gasparo #GSCD-317
Performance of James Bolle’s Duo for Violin and Doublebass with Veronica Macchia-Kadlubkiewicz, violin. Remainder of disc contains other chamber music of James Bolle.

Common Sense
Composers Recording, Inc. (CRI) #CD731
Ensemble performances of music by Dan Becker, Ed Harsh, Carolyn Yarnell, John Halle, Marc Mellits, Melissa Hui, Belinda Reynolds, and Randall Woolf.

The Seasons: Vermont
Experimental Intermedia Foundation #XI120
Ensemble performance of Malcolm Goldstein’s The Seasons: Vermont.

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